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Why Do Women Leave Marriages?

why do women leave marriages

why women leave

If you look at the statistics about divorce, they are often quite shocking. According to the Huffington Post, women are 2/3 more likely to ask for a divorce than men are. The real question though, is why are women more likely to walk away from a marriage than men are? The opinions on this vary greatly. However, these are a few of the most common reasons women ultimately ask for divorce.

Cheating Husbands

A man who is cheating on his wife, doesn’t necessarily want out of the marriage. If he can have his cake and eat it on the side, he’s not inclined to rock the boat. If the shoe is on the other foot, however, and the husband finds out his wife is cheating, the story is a little different, though many men don’t consider cheating to be quite the same betrayal the average woman does. Of course, not all marriages where the husband cheats end in divorce. It is, though, really difficult for women to move past, even if they initially try to work things out after the cheating occurs.

Money Matters

Money, in the Bible, is called the root of all evil. Whether or not you agree with that particular assessment, it is the number one cause of divorce and breakups worldwide. Women want security in their marriages. That includes financial security. It’s not always a matter of men not making enough money, but may very directly be related to how you spend and/or save money.

Needs Not Met at Home

This is the primary reason women cheat and one of the big contributing factors to a woman seeking divorce. It’s also more than a little unfair to the man because women are often not likely to tell you what those needs are so that you do have a chance to meet them. It’s difficult for women, who are generally more intuitive than men are. She thinks you should somehow know what those needs are and is upset, and often hurt, that you aren’t meeting them. The trick here is to find out what her needs are. Ask her if you must, and make sure you’re meeting them at every opportunity to do so.

Reality doesn’t Live up to Expectation

Men have a hard road job here. Before marriage, you work hard to woo your wife. You’re always doing little things in an effort to get her attention and make her your wife. Once she’s your wife, you often stop aiming to please in many ways. She’s grown to expect those things from you and you’ve stopped delivering. It’s the same level of disappointment you feel when she stops working so hard to stroke your ego. Real life often comes in and kicks all expectations of what married life will be like in the teeth.

Understanding why women leave can help you take the steps now to prevent your wife from asking for a divorce. Now is the time to take action so you can avoid the painful process of divorce and the risk of losing so much more than the woman you love.

Why Women Leave Marriages


How to Save My Marriage

How To Save My Marriage 2 Secret Techniques

If you’re wondering, “How to save my marriage?” then you only have to look around you to remember the things you did together when you were first married or first dating. Are you still doing those things today? If you’re trying to figure out, “How to save my marriage?” then chances are you’re not.

Marriages get into trouble for a variety of different reasons. There are affairs, lies, boredom, changes people go through that make them more or less appealing to each other, moves, children, jobs . . . . All these things factor into a marriage and help determine whether it’s healthy or whether you’ll end up asking, “How to save my marriage?”

how to save my marriageIf there are have been affairs or serious betrayals and lies, then probably the best thing you can do if you want to save the marriage it to go to counseling. This isn’t one of the secret techniques, but it’s probably the only one that can really help once things like that have gone on.

Through marriage counseling, you may be able to get at the heart of why there was cheating, and find ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Counseling may also lead you to the painful decision that you don’t want to remain in such a marriage where you may not be able to trust your spouse again (or yourself, if you’re the one who cheated).

Sometimes marriage counseling is very painful while you’re going, but once the painful things come out it’s like a wound that’s been cleaned out –now it can start to heal.

The secret techniques aren’t really secret either, but they might as well be because few people every try them and instead do the exact opposite.

The first thing you can do when you find yourself asking, “How to save my marriage?” is to simply leave your spouse alone. Enjoy some me time without your partner. It doesn’t have to be for very long. It can be just a few days. Just make sure your partner knows that it isn’t practice for splitting up, you’re just giving him or her a little breathing room.

Sometimes marriages suffer because spouses spend too much time together. If that’s the case in your marriage, some time apart can be a very good thing.

If the problem with the marriage is that you spend too much time apart already, then you can make a difference in your marriage by taking some initiative. Vow right now to make some changes, and go and schedule a weekend getaway for you both. If that’s too expensive, plan an outing for the day. Or plan three hours of dinner and a movie where it’s just the two of you, on a private and surprise date.

You’d be surprised how these two secret techniques, when used at the appropriate times, can feel so good they’ll take you from asking, “How to save my marriage?” to wondering why you hadn’t been doing these things for several years.

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Save My Marriage Quickly

It’s The Final Countdown-help Save My Marriage Quickly

should i save my marriageI hear this cry from so many people, "Please help save my marriage from falling apart." Usually the crier sees their marriage as falling apart with no hope in sight. It’s like they have been on a boat which is sinking slowly and they have no idea how to stop it from sinking, so an SOS cry is their only hope. If you are tired of it and want to stop the boat from sinking you are going to need "help save marriage" advice. You will need to learn three main things, how to sacrifice to save your marriage, how to open up and communicate better and how to simplify your lives to make things easier.

Be honest with yourself when it comes to sacrifice. Don’t be the kind of person who wants help saving your marriage but in truth you are mostly interested in the other partner changing. They may not be the total root of the problem, so make sure you examine yourself also. It may be true that the other person is most of the problem but just make sure you aren’t making things worse by exaggerating.

Many marriages fall apart because one or both of the partners feel they are number one and the world revolves around them. That is not the attitude to have and it may doom the marriage. In a marriage the two of you are to act as one with each probably having to sacrifice something. To keep the marriage alive and going you will have to be willing to make these sacrifices. You can live as one or you can live as two separate lives. The choice is yours. Both you and your partner will have to acknowledge that each must make a sacrifice to live as one.

Marriage is like a pressure cooker many times. How you communicate will either relieve pressure or build it up so much that it explodes. People have a tendency to hold in problems and not communicate them when they are under stress. This is not only unhealthy for you as a person but it is unhealthy for the marriage.

You probably remember the firecrackers that went off in your head the first time you kissed your spouse, but that will pale compared to the Atom bomb that will go off when you let emotions and argumentative thoughts build up until they explode. The longer you hold problems and disagreements in the more pressure builds up. The way to save a marriage is to talk often to get problems resolved quickly. When you open up a little at a time it is like relieving pressure so a big explosion doesn’t occur. That is one of the best ideas we can give you to help save marriage.

It is common for people to make mountains out of mole hills. Making things more complicated than they have to be will make it hard on marriage. We all have a tendency to make big issues out of little things that can better be resolved when we realize they are not big issues. To help save marriage you need to recognize the actual big issues from the truly little issues.

Don’t constantly look at the details of your mate and complicate matters. Think to yourself, "What is it I need in a mate?" Find the root of problems and don’t dwell on the little details. You’ll find when you simplify how you look at things you can handle them better and understand them better. Think about it, "Are you expecting too much?", "Are you overly picky?" Take a step back and look at the whole picture to see if you are over-complicating your marriage. Doing so will help save any marriage. 

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Mark D. Jordan is a writer and researcher from Pennsylvania. Continue reading help to save marriage advice at Get Ex Back or Help Save Marriage

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